Thank you for your interest in Gracekids Preschool Ministry! Our Preschool department reaches families with newborns through children in Kindergarten. Much development happens in those 5 years, and our hope and desire is in that short amount of time children will feel the love of God through those that care for them! Preschool Ministry has two primary areas; Nursery & Preschool/Kindergarten. Both areas are staffed with volunteers that are church members or regular attenders (6 month minimum) with a passion for kids, and have passed a background check and completed the NazSafe certification.

The Nursery area is divided into 4 classrooms with children of similar age for Sunday School & Sunday Worship services. There are plenty of play, pretend, story, and music times to keep the children engaged and all children ages 1 through 3 also receive a Bible lesson during Sunday School & Worship times. The Seed Room is also equipped with the newest models of evacuation cribs available, gliders, a changing station, as well as a Nursing area with privacy curtains.

Seeds (Newborn through age 1)
Sprouts (Walking 1’s – Age 2)
Sprigs & Saplings (2 – 3 years old)
Acorns (Preschool/Kindergarten)

The Preschool & Kindergarten meets in Room 7 in Children’s Wing. These children are ready for the next level of the worship experience, so we nurture their curiosity and desire to know more with Bible lessons, memory verses, music, and play. This class also enjoys monthly missions lessons with the older children and quarterly missions lessons in their own class on Sunday morning. They also participate in song & handbells presentations in the sanctuary throughout the year.

My staff of volunteers and I look forward to the opportunity of meeting and serving your family!

Rebecca Bailey
Director to Preschoolers & Their Families