Volunteers are the heart and soul of Christian ministry and Gracekids is very appreciative of every person who makes ministry to children and parents possible. A person who desires to serve within Gracekids will need to be a regular attender for a minimum of six months and/or be a member or Grace Church of the Nazarene. In addition, all volunteers go through an application process, background check and Nazarene Safe training to prepare them for ministry and to provide a safe environment for our kids.


What is NazSafe? Nazarene Safe is a series of training videos and quizzes meant to help inform, teach, and certify all people working with children. It’s a way for volunteers to be aware of behavior that might indicate previous or current sexual or physical abuse to a child, and provide assistance in what to do if they suspect that abuse has occurred. It’s a way for all volunteers to be understanding of the 2 adults rule, in protecting themselves as well as children – and to be above reproach in their own behavior.

Will I be alone in a classroom with children? Our policy requires a minimum of 2 adults in a room with children. If the 2 adults are family members, then a third unrelated person will be scheduled.

If I volunteer to work with children, will I have to teach? In many cases, volunteers are an additional person to help with classroom management, care and safety. We hope that anyone who works with children has a passion for instructing and modeling Christian attitudes and values, but we understand that teaching is a different gift altogether.

Where do I go to complete the NazSafe training? Please go to if you would like to complete the online training webinar and test. Once completed, our NazSafe coordinator will contact you about completing the sexual abuse awareness training.