Teen Quizzing

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.”     I Timothy 4:12

Teen Bible Quizzing is a program that helps teens study and learn about Scripture. The purpose of Bible Quizzing is to help cultivate the actions, attitudes, and the lifestyle that are necessary to call this generation to a dynamic life in Christ. The Bible Quizzing ministry intends to reach this goal through:

  • An avenue of meaningful Bible study for youth to attain to a deep and intimate knowledge of Scripture.
  • A means of increasing fellowship and interaction among youth internationally.
  • An integral part of the outreach and discipleship aspects of local church youth ministry.
  • A catalyst for encouraging active participation in ministry and mission projects.
  • An arena for exciting Christian competition.


  • Quizzers meet weekly on Sunday afternoons.
  • District tournaments are one Saturday a month. They generally go from 8:30 AM to 2:00-3:00 PM with a break for lunch.

 What our quizzers have to say about it…

“I like quizzing because it’s fun, social, and generally helpful in my life. The skills I’ve learned in quizzing have not only given me knowledge of the Bible, but it has helped improve my memorization and study habits as well.”    ~ Quizzer Carli

“Quizzing study has made me a more disciplined student.”    ~ Quizzer Blaze

“I love quizzing because it helps you learn the Bible more. Personally, it has made me closer to God!”    ~ Quizzer Alexis

“Bible Quizzing introduced me to God in ways nothing ever could. It’s one thing to hear the scripture in church, or to simply read your bible, but through Quizzing, I’ve been able to memorize almost all of the New Testament, allowing me to understand the scriptures, and disciple others in ways that would be otherwise be unimaginable.”    ~ Quizzer and coach Cole Hodge

From a parent…

“In their young lives, our sons have learned more scripture through the Bible Quizzing program than I have in my lifetime of attending church services, Sunday School, and regular personal devotions. Of course, I have bene ted greatly from helping them to study as well (young minds just seem to retain so much more).

In the course of our daily training and raising of our sons, passages that we have studied together are now available in a very tangible way. We often refer to verses that have been studied when discussing real life situations. When watching the news or observing current events, the boys are able to interpret those in light of God’s Word. Additional- ly, they are meeting and forming friendships with other believing and committed teens across the entire country.

On a secondary level, the”disciplines required to quiz will be of real value in other areas of their lives. I am entirely convinced that the Lord will continue to use the Word that has been hidden in their hearts to protect and guide them all the days of their lives.    ~ Rod Carpenter