About Grace Students

Grace Students exists to help students and their families discover God and then love and serve those around us.

Our ministry is focused on helping students take steps toward God -whether that’s a first step or another step closer. We are passionate about having fun, being a community and looking for opportunities to serve locally, nationally and abroad.

We believe that students are capable to own their faith, aware enough to see those in need around them and bold enough to do something about it. Grace Students don’t settle for simply seeing a need around them, but they do something about the need. We believe in being an inclusive community that accepts students with divorced parents, students with no church background, students who don’t own a Bible, students who don’t have their life figured out, and students who just have needs.

We have three different connection points each week:

2nd Modular Building on the right @ 9:30 a.m – Sunday

The place to ask tough questions and a time for conversations about issues and challenges students face personally and helping students evaluate how we respond.

Family Life Center @ 6:00 P.M – Wednesday

Our exciting large group gathering filled with games, worship and teaching.

Locations & Times Vary

Small group gathering designed to invite teenagers to a deeper relationship with their peers, leaders and Jesus. We have a group for every student – whether you’ve grown up in church or attended since birth.