Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

What if we could bring you a two-day experience, which has proven success:

Bringing Hope and Positive Change to Marriages
Creating Better Communication in Marriages
Helping Spouses Better Understand Each Others’ Needs
Rekindling Romance in Marriage Relationships

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage is the man-friendly marriage seminar for people who hate marriage seminars. I think we can agree marriage is no “laughing matter,” but learning how to make it better can be fun. The sessions include “The Tale of Two Brains,” “Why He Do That? Why Does She Do That?” “The #1 Key to Incredible Sex,” and “How to Stay Married and Not Kill Anyone.” Several hundred thousand people, both married and single, have already attended this seminar.

The $70 conference fee will include- Friday night steak dinner, continental breakfast, 4 sessions and lots of laughs!!